Reply to reviewing requests that explain my current policy (but I don't have any hard rules/opinions at this point)

I have decided that in the future I will restrict my journal reviewing to material only that is made open access upon acceptance. (In the past I did review papers -- free of charge for the publisher, of course -- and later on I was not even able to freely access the accepted version.) So, I would review the paper if you can guarantee that the paper will be open access in some form in the end (e.g., the authors pay the fee to make it Springer Open Choice).

I would also review the paper if it is based on an accepted conference paper and I have been part of the committee of that conference (e.g., a special issue associated with the conference).


"Please be informed that Springer does not guarantee the authors to avail the Springer Open Access. As such, the authors has the final discretion on this matter." -- Anne Lloraine Medina (Ms.), Springer, JEO (Journal Editorial Office), JEO Assistant