For the IEEE Computer Society 2012 Annual Election I contacted all 19 candidates with a questionnaire about their positions on publishing.

The questionnaire: .

The questionnaire was motivated and introduced as follows: "Dear Candidate, to get a better understanding on your position on IEEE's future directions on publishing and content delivery please answer the following questions. It is my believe that many IEEE-CS members are concerned about these issues and your answers may be value for them when deciding on their vote."


In detail, the candidates reacted as follows:
  • 5 did fill out the questionnaire (4 agreed to make their results public, 1 declined)
  • 1 accessed it and corresponded with me about it
  • 1 contacted me via email that s/he plans to fill it out, but did not do so
  • 1 contacted me via email that the questionnaire is too lengthy to fill out on short notice
  • 1 opted out
  • 3 accessed it
  • 7 did not react

Thus, the questionnaire's response rate was 26% and with 11 candidates (58%) I had no meaningful interaction because they did not react at all or only clicked on a link.

The responses of the 4 candidates that agreed that their answers are public are available in aggregated form: .


The questionnaire was conducted with LimeSurvey/LimeService.

  • Sep 25, 2012: Invitation sent to 17 candidates, could not locate emails of 2 candidates; it seems candidates are not required to provide contact information; tracking down of emails was cumbersome
  • Sep 26: Contacted IEEE to get emails for the 2 candidates
  • Oct 2: IEEE respons that I could try to find the emails via IEEE MemberNet, which indeed allowed me to establish contact
  • Oct 4: Sent reminder to all candidates that did not fill out the questionnaire yet.
  • Oct 8: Voting deadline